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  • 1. The creation of a strategic partnership between the members of HWC Association  in order to develop a recognizable brand.

  • 2. Construction and development of HWC Association  for the benefit of the local community. 

  • 3. Networking and the creation of opportunities to share knowledge. 

  • 4. Professional training of workers in the wood industry.

  • 5. Better organization and increase of production of HWC Association .

  • 6. Professional training management technologies.

  • 7. The increase in exports to foreign markets.

  • 8. Support education and training of professionals in the wood industry.

  • 9. Job creation.

  • 10. Participating and exhibiting at trade fairs in the wood industry.

  • 11. Mutual cooperation with all levels of government for the benefit of the wood industry.

  • 12. Joining with partners from the wood industry in the domestic and foreign markets.


Reliable members of the HWC Association

Members of HWC Association, as companies, already exist 15 years and more and successfully operate in the wood industry.

Wide range of products

HWC Association has producers in the primary processing (sawmills), producers of panels (plywood and stacked massive boards), manufacturers of interior and exterior joinery (doors and windows), furniture manufacturers (of solid wood and of the plate) and production, service, sharpening and sale of cutting tools for wood.

Experience in export

Each member of a greater or lesser extent, exports its products to various markets, and most on the EU markets (Germany, Croatia).

High flexibility to the market

Most cluster members works exclusively products needed market in equipping and engineering affairs.

Top quality

Permanent work on procurement of modern machinery and the adoption of new technologies in order to adapt to the requirements of design and market.

Environmentally focused

All members of the HWC Association strive to bring maximum environmental measures in waste management and the use of waste as an energy source, for which we already have feasibility study management.



companies in the HWC Association 


qualified workers


million EUR income


export worldwide


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                                                                                    Ministry of the Economy HNŽ